When building your dream home, there are certain designs you may want to see implemented. For some, it has been taken a step further. They have pulled out all the stops to make their house into the home they envisioned. If you love to laugh or just smile, these houses will definitely do that. You have to think outside the box to be this creative. I hope you will find these houses as funny as I did.

#16 The Keret House

If you like fitting in tight spaces maybe you need a Keret House. Check out this house that can be found in Poland between two high rise buildings. This is either pure genius or crazy as can be, but you take your pick. It means there isn’t room for much so maybe you intend to spend most of your time sleeping when you go home.

#15 Skateboard House

This house is designed for all die-hard skateboarders and their fans. Seeing this house one would certainly think that the creator is truly obsessed with skateboarding. The home is located in Malibu, California, and features all the ramps and other necessities you would need to skateboard indoors.

#14 Dumpster Home

You may walk through New York City and totally missed this house unless of course, the dude opens his door. The house is a dumpster that has been transformed into a home and is located on the streets of Brooklyn, you definitely have to see this for yourself.

#13 Boeing 727-200 House

The plane house as it is known is a Boeing 727-200 that has been converted into a living space. The house is located Hillsboro, Oregon, U.S.A and is an attraction for many who are curious to see what the plane looks like as a place to live and how it is perched upon a foundation.