When it comes to travel there are many options. Some places are visited often, others you may have never seen. There are destinations that don’t receive the credit they deserve. The U.S has many of those types of places to see. These destinations are often beautiful to behold and underrated. Let us take a look at some of these awesome places that would be worth visiting. You will be surprised at some of the places you need to visit but haven’t given thought to or may not even know of, see these places below.

#15 Buffalo

New York

When one thinks of New York, they think of the city and probably Manhattan or one of the city’s boroughs. Seldom do you think Buffalo, but it is a place worth mention and it offers many attractions that would surprise even the most affluent traveler. You can do so much there if you find the courage to visit.

#14 Providence

Rhode Island

Tucked away in Rhode Island is the beautiful city of Providence with its mix of culture and architecture. Providence was known over a century ago as the place of steam engines and other great inventions. These days it may not be a popular destination for some but to bypass this place would be your loss. See the beautiful history of this town and take in some the past and present ways of life.

#13 Greenville

South California

Greenville may not be that well known but you can certainly do a lot of fun activities there. Cities such as Greenville are always in the shadow of more known places but if given half a chance they would put some those places to the curb. See gardens, a waterfall, walk a bridge, take the trails, and much more.