#12 Star Trek Voyage House

This house is located in Hinckley, Leicestershire, the U.K. At first glance you would think you are really in a spaceship in outer space as the interior mimics the real thing in very fine detail. The owner of the house had a love for the Star Trek movie and went to all means possible to create his own version.

#11 Upside Down House

What boggles me is why anyone would want to live in an upside-down house? This weird-looking building can be found in Tartu, Estonia. It has created quite a stir with its ingenious design and since then a few more houses have followed suit. The houses from the outside may seem uncomfortable to live in, but don’t let the exterior fool you, the house is very normal from inside.

#10 The Toilet House

The toilet house is located in Suwon, South Korea. The name alone would probably be a turn off for most people who would be disgusted at such a name. From first glance, the building can’t hide what the builder intended as the house is designed to look like a toilet to the full. Furthermore, its bright white color is sure to give the desired effect of a toilet.

#9 Spitbank Fort

The Spitbank Fort in Solent near Portsmouth Harbour, U.K is a sight to behold. One look at the house and you may think you are on a modern-day, Alcatraz. The round-shaped fort is built in the sea and can only be reached by boat or helicopter. If you are into being secluded and away from crowds unless you bring our friends over, obviously then this the place for you, weird indeed.

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