16 Of The Weirdest Homes In The World


#4 The Steel House

This house is an unfinished house made almost totally of metal hence the rustic look. The gentleman who built the house died before he could live in it and left the property with a friend. The house remains unfinished inside because the friend didn’t want to undo nor interfere with what the original owner had already done. It is located in Lubbock, Texas, U.S.A

#3 Palais Bulles

This house located in Cannes, France takes the cake when it comes to design. The house reminds me of the Teletubbies show with its out of this world shapes and bulgy glass windows in some places. A look at this house will make you wonder if you are still on planet earth or in some far distant unknown place. This one is definitely for the books.

#2 Gue(Ho)st

The Gue(Ho)st house located in Delme, France looks like something from a horror movie. It looks unfinished yet almost alive with that spooky caption. The house is definitely weirdly designed and the person apparently went to great trouble to make it this way. If you are building a house to live in and make memories with your own family why build this?

#1 Hobbit House

Inspired by the movie many people have attempted to build their own version of the Hobbit House. One of the closest resemblances you may find can be found in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The house is partly hidden under dirt and vegetation with articulate designs and could very well blend in with its surroundings over time. They are quite a few versions of the hobbit house but this one takes the cake.

I am sure you found many of these homes interesting but whacky at the same time, I certainly did. It just goes to show what man can accomplish when the mind is put to work.

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