10 Toxic Foods You Could Be Unknowingly Consuming

Toxins are not good there is no doubt about that. The issue most of us may have is eating toxic foods without knowing that they are full of toxins. Toxins can make you sick and enough of it in the body can lead or lead to detrimental health. With this in mind, it may be wise to at least have an idea of what foods may carry lots of toxins. Here are 10 of such foods that you may or may not be consuming.

#10 Diet Soda

Most if not all of us have had diet soda at some point. The artificial sweeteners and other chemicals added to make this drink tasty and fizzy are bad for you.

#9 Canned Foods

Two major things cause canned foods to be bad for you. The BPA chemical “bisphenol A” found in the can is harmful. The other is the chemicals used to keep the contents fresh for long periods of time. These chemical are very harmful.

#8 Hotdogs

Yes, it’s true, hotdogs are very toxic and it’s due to the process it goes through to be made. Despite being a well-loved product it is very harmful to the body.

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