For many going to school could be a cool walk from home, traveling on a bus, getting a ride in your parent’s car, or even driving if you are old enough with a license. However, for many children all over the world, this luxury isn’t forthcoming as the journey to school is hazardous and very life-threatening.

As you take a look at what some children have to go through, you will be amazed at the courage they possess. Some of these children are very young, still at infant age yet they face some cruel and unrelenting terrain. Time to take a look and read about some of the most dangerous ways to school!


Living in the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico is no joke if you want an education. Children must face steep canyons that can be over 1000 meters high. A simple lack of concentration could be the death of them.

The journey can also be very slippery so trekking to school is no child’s play. Just take a look at what this young lad has to deal with for an education.


Children in Padang and Cilangkap villages in Indonesia face many challenges to school. They face raging rivers on makeshift rafts and walking tight ropes 30 feet above a river through dense jungle. These trips are dangerous as one slip could mean death or serious injury. Could you imagine having to do this just to go to school week in and out?


Travelling the Dorn Savanna in Kenya is nothing new, but it doesn’t change the fact of the danger it poses. The Massai people live between Tanzania and Kenya and find sending the children to school very treacherous.

Children trek the 10 kilometer journey for hours, it’s so dangerous some parents keep their children at home. They cope with heat and elephants along the way.