15 Most Dangerous Ways To School


Southern Philippines has an area where children trek a jungle full of deadly animals or a gigantic wall of wet slippery rock. This takes hours and is the only way to and from school. Some cross broken wooden bridges and hand precariously on wire as they try to cross the river. Worst yet some try to cross on an inflated tube from a wheel.


Children must travel across a massive mountain lake, no adults to help just children paddling for 4 hours to make it to school. These are the children who live on floating Reed islands.

The journey is very treacherous making this a dangerous way to get to school. If living on reeds isn’t enough the journey to school surely makes life full of dangers for these children.


Nepal is the highest country to travel on earth. Children must travel down through mountains and jungle with wild animals. The most dangerous part of the journey is crossing the river on a makeshift form of transport above the river. A metal basket that is hoisted on metal wires from one end to the next.


Children in Papua New Guinea must travel through the dangerous jungles on a 5-day journey just to have an education. The dangers of snakes, hunger, and The trek along steep mountainsides are problematic.

The journey is about 100 kilometers and the Takali river doesn’t make the journey any easier. The river has claimed many lives over the years. It is clear these children do not return home any time soon as the journey is very long.

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