Traveling to school in The Yungas Valley of Bolivia is very challenging. Here the Andes meets the Amazon Rain Forest. They have to travel high altitudes on a rusty pulley contraption to leave the mountain.

Some must travel for two and a half hours to school as they live in the mountains. This certainly isn’t for the weak-hearted yet these children do it very often.


Norther Columbia has a very dangerous road for those going to school. Dangers include a dangerous old makeshift bridge. It gets very hot in Columbia at times, making the journey even more difficult and it’s impossible to avoid swamp-like land that has stingrays that can kill. The children are always afraid of the trek but do it anyhow.


These children in Danakil, North Eastern Ethiopia have to traverse sandstorms at times and the hottest way to school and back without water or shade. Temperature already surpasses 30 degrees Celcius at 6 am and there is an active volcano nearby. The journey is long and with no water, it could be a disaster waiting to happen.


Eastern Nicaragua has no roads just dense jungle full of dangerous animals and a raging river. Children travel for hours in this wet place to and from school. The children go it alone for the chance at learning as they hope to one day leave their village, see the world and leave the lifestyle they grew up under behind. It doesn’t help that the canoe some children use has holes and requires constant clearing of water.