Traveling through the Himalayas, India to school is downright treacherous for children. Traveling through cold and rushing water for four days is certainly a challenge even for adults. The cold is constant and the children dread the journey but face it so they can learn and have a brighter future.


The children travel to Gulu and Pili, China also has their share of problems getting an education. They travel high in the mountains on a very dangerous journey to go to school. One journey is 125 miles to a boarding school, the other travels on a tiny road at the edges of mountain cliffs that could last 5 hours.


The children of North Mongolia have to deal with ice covering the Tunkhel river that could lead to their death in an effort to get an education. Some ride horses which require crossing the said river in the North of Mongolia. Considering they have to deal with freezing temperatures doesn’t help at all.

Due to the constant threat of the cold either from the temperature outside or hypothermia from falling into the freezing river, Mongolia is considered one of the most dangerous ways to school.


The coldest journey to school, the temperature in Oymyakon, Serbia is usually freezing or below and can reach -50 degrees Celcius or lower. Only certain children go to school based on the temperature during that time. Children wear multiple layers of clothing and jackets with many gloves and hoods.

There is one bus to school and it doesn’t wait for anyone, so children must be on time. The time waiting outside is very short or you will freeze to death. This makes this village in Siberia the worst of the lot, you just have to step outside to be in danger.

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