15 Weirdest Lakes On Earth


#4 Laguna Colorada

Located on the Bolivian Altiplano, it is a red colored salt lake. The lake is close an island that is full of borax, an ingredient used to make detergent. The flamingos frequent this lake with its rich red color and can be seen in the thousands when they visit.
#3 The lakes of Kelimutu

Located in Flores Indonesia, these 3 colored lakes sit on top of a volcano. It is a very unique looking lake with its diversity of color and size. More outsatnding is its location, it is certainly not a place for the faint of heart to go.
#2 Lake Nong Han

Located in Northern Thailand, from October to March the lake is filled with pink lotus flowers. If you want to see one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, then this is a place you should visit, you can ride the lake s well.
#1 The Dead Sea

Located in Israel and Jordan it’s actually a salt lake. The lake runs from the Sea of Galilee and ends up in the Dead Sea. The lake has such a high percentage of salt that nothing but bacteria can live in its waters, you can lay float in this sea as its so dense.

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