#12 Knoxville


Knoxville has a long history of musicians and is considered the gateway to the Smokey Mountains. Like many other cities in America, you can enjoy visits to the museum and other interesting attractions. The buildings are also reminiscent of the old south lifestyle and look truly amazing.

#11 Whitaker Point


The beautiful vantage point of the surrounding area is breathtaking especially if you visit this place during the autumn, You would be able to see the various colors from a very high vantage point and see it for miles around which is an astounding experience. This definitely a must-see for all nature lovers.

#10 Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve


Lovely hillsides with very beautiful poppies and many other fantastic sitings. If you are a flower lover, especially poppies than this is where you need to visit, you would be amazed at the scenery that awaits as the prairie is lushed with beautiful poppies during the month of February to May time period, the reserve does regular updates.

#9 Bok Tower Gardens


Beautiful garden with a large tower. There are many types of trees, water, and other foliage to be seen. This place is magnificent and images certainly don’t do it justice. To get a true feel of this place you have to visit, see the flowers and plants for yourself, and take in the ambiance of the scents and breeze.

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