#8 Grotto of the Redemption


Very well designed man-made grotto and is definitely worth seeing. If you ever visit this place you will certainly feel as though you have gone back in time. The actual architecture of the grotto will leave you breathless as you take in the magnificent artistry by those who would have built it so many years ago.

#7 Castle Post


A Real Castle in Kentucky, that has a rich history. It is a very beautiful place and it just goes to show you don’t necessarily have to visit Europe to enjoy the pleasure of a castle. Just take a trip to Castle Post and you will enjoy the feel of what a castle would give you.

#6 The Windsor Ruins


This place is rich in history, it was burned down in 1890. Despite just having mere columns remaining you can’t help nut to imagine how majestic this place must have been. The columns are well decorated and are massive reaching great heights. Taking a walk inside would give you a true sense of the size of what once stood there.

#5 St. Petersburg


Florida is known for its lifestyle and having the most sunshine among all the states in America. St. Petersburgh is one of those places you can find in Florida that may seem less popular than Miami or Fort Lauderdale, but it may surprise you what a wonderful experience you will have if you visit there.

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