Connecticut has moved up a few places to number four. It has high rankings in regard to the high consumption of alcoholic beverages, yet still ranks decent despite this fact. Connecticut is one of the healthier states in America due to the low obesity rate, low drug-related deaths, low issues with smoking, and high physical activity of its citizens.


Ranked in the top 6 since 1990, Hawaii was ranked number one in 2019 but has since then been dethroned. It held the number one position from 2012 to 2016 consecutively before losing out to Massachusetts. Hawaii is known for its low obesity rate and mental health problems, which has made it very consistent in the last 30 years.


Massachusetts is known as the most insured state in the United States of America. This has helped the state to be considered one of the healthiest based on the ability to receive health care without issue. The state of Massachusetts also ranks as the 3rd lowest obesity state in the country. It is clear that obesity is a big problem in America and other countries.


Vermont is known for its low infant mortality rate. The large disparity in health status by education level and also notable is the low percentage of people who are uninsured which is 3rd lowest in the nation. Vermont was ranked number two last year but has removed Hawaii for the top position.

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