New Jersey has been plagued with cancer and heart-related deaths that have made it difficult to remain in the top ten. The infant mortality rate is better than most and the state has one of the best rankings when it comes to dental health. It ranks 8th when it comes to the states with fewer smokers.


Minnesota is known for its ability to ranks the highest for fewer days for poor health than any other state. The state is also known for having the lowest cardiovascular death rate in the country. States with high heart-related problems may be able to learn something from Minnesota, it is certainly something of value.


Minnesota ranks high for immunization among its residents for many viral infectious diseases. This fact is evident in many cases as the state has the highest percentage of teenage females who have received the HPV vaccination. These factors have made the state of New Hampshire one of the healthiest states on this list.


Utah has the lowest cancer death rate of any state in the country and that is a big deal. Utah ranked number seven previously but has risen to be in the top five. The state is known to have less diabetes or diabetic-related illnesses than any other state. It also has one of the lowest rate of individuals who smoke.

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