Ginger sprouts after a while, take the sprouted root and place in lukewarm water overnight. In a shallow, wide plant pot place well-draining potting soil and transfer rooted ginger.

Plant the root with the sprouted bud pointing upwards. Ginger should stay warm to grow well, it doesn’t require lots of light. Which makes it  a very good plant to grow indoors.

Chinese Cabbage

The base of the Chinese cabbage plant can be replanted to grow a fresh harvest. Cut the base and place it in a glass bowl filled with water. Once the roots start to grow, transfer the plant into soil and give it plenty sunlight.

Growing your own food is a sustainable alternative to buying packaged goods from the market. We hope these easy solutions were helpful in getting you started on your green project. Give these a try; you may be surprised at the outcome. They say that the tastiest foods are home grown! Do you agree?

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