Rosemary is an amazing indoor herb, to keep it happy, give it six to eight hours of sunlight daily. Clip a few stems of rosemary and remove the bottom leaves, plant the stems in a pot which allows water to drain. The best soil mixture consists of coarse sand and mossy earth.


Garlic can grow from the entire bulb or a few cloves by putting the cloves in a glass container with water. Once the roots have sprouted, place them in a pot with potting soil and sit them in a sunny windowsill. After seven to ten days the garlic greens will begin to sprout, these can be used in salads. Water them lightly.


Carrots are similar to garlic in that they don’t need to be replanted. Place several cut carrot tops into a container with little water. Put your container in a sunny location, they should sprout in 14- 17 days. Place in potting soil and keep it moist at the surface to encourage growth.

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is easier to grow than you think, this salad favorite grows quickly. After you have enjoyed your lettuce, take the core and place in a glass with water, be sure to change the water every two to three days.

Allow the plant to grow in a window with plenty sunlight. This is a great way to have lettuce close to hand, beautiful!

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