Take a bunch of celery, slice about 2 inches above the rooted end and put them in a bowl of water. Place them in direct sunlight, after a few days the plant with sprout leaves from the middle.

Once the leaves have sprouted and turned green for one week, move them to a holed pot with soil. Water the leaves to avoid dryness. In not time you will have all the celery you need.


Lemongrass is tasty and easy to grow, simply take five or six stalks of lemongrass and place in a glass container with 3-4 inches of water. Put the container to sit in a windowsill to get at least six hours of sunlight until the roots start to sprout.

Once the roots have sprouted, transfer the plant into a pot with soil and leave in sunlight. Consider putting it by a window so it can get the sunlight it needs.


Potatoes that sit around for a while will begin to sprout, use the sprouted potatoes and place in a glass filled with water. When the potatoes start to grow new sprouts and roots, transfer them to the soil.

This is an amazing way to grow your own potatoes and feel satisfied when you reap months from the start of your project. Imagine growing your own potatoes indoors, so much fun!


Onions are as easy to grow as they are delicious! Take a whole onion and place in a glass of water, when the roots start to grow place them in potting soil. Be sure to place the plant in a sunny place and give it plenty of water.

Use a large pot which allows for space to grow and the ability to place in the sun and bring indoors when needed. Everyone uses onions so this should be a keeper.

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