Studies have shown that the use of carbohydrates before a workout can improve performance and drive. Being well fueled before going into a workout prevents you from falling ill and feeling sluggish. After an intense workout, you should refuel and replenish, this helps with the achievement of your fitness goals so that you can see results.

There are a variety of goodies that you can choose from when selecting your snacks pre or post-workout; you can enjoy tasty treats while maintaining your physique so that your hard work doesn’t go to ‘waist’ saw what I did there?

All food carries different benefits, so you can choose your favorites and give them a try. I bet you didn’t know chocolate was a workout snack! Who would’ve thought? Check out this and more in these 12 foods you can eat before or after a workout.

#11 Apples

As simple as this fruit may appear, apples are packed with everything you need for an amazing workout. An apple contains carbohydrates, calories in addition to vitamins and minerals that keep you going for the duration of your workout.

Fun fact! Did you know that apples are considered as effective as coffee? Next time you’re feeling sluggish grab an apple instead, it will prove of great benefit to your body!

#10 Avocado

Avocados are a favorite food these days for fitness and lifestyle enthusiasts. Often referred to as a good fat because of its rich content of unsaturated fats, this trendy food is great for a balanced diet. Avocados contain plenty of potassium and other vitamins, they can also lower cholesterol.

This food has its haters and lovers, which ever side you find yourself depends on you.  Avocado on toast sounds like a great gym snack, so be sure to grab one to go!


#9 Bananas

Only have 10 minutes before your workout and aren’t sure what to eat? Grab a banana! This powerful snack helps to maximize your performance during your workout by preventing muscle cramps.

These are one of the main staples of a power shake when you need something simple but healthy. They’re rich in potassium and antioxidants, plus the carbs are easily digested, they power you up without weighing you down. Snack on a banana or make a tasty shake, you decide!