Cleaning is inevitable, whether it is spring cleaning, routine cleaning or a quick clean you will have to do it. Everyone wants a short cut that works to cut back on the time and effort it takes to complete these tasks. Many people may think that the trick to having a squeaky-clean home are cleaning professionals; we can show you another way.

Did you know that vinegar was an excellent cleaning agent? Or that baking soda is great on tough stains? We have gathered some useful cleaning hacks that will save you a ton of time that you could do other things. Save money on cleaning firms and utilize these useful quick and easy hacks around your home.

Use Vinegar for Soap Scum

Your stubborn soap scum and mildew will be gone in no time. Simply tie a plastic bag filled with vinegar and water over your shower fixtures overnight once every other week and watch it disappear.

Vinegar is great for polishing chrome fixtures as well, I am sure you will find the use of vinegar extremely useful in many ways.

Grill Hack

If stress of cleaning your grill stops you from using it, we have the solution. This simple trick only requires tissue, water and your grill. Heat your grill to medium temperature and lay the dampened tissues across the bars and let the grill cool.

After 15 minutes wipe clean, viola! You will be amazed how different your grill will look after trying this method.

Sink Solution

Depending on how often you clean your sink and stainless-steel surfaces you may notice hard to clean scum and stains. There is simple solution that you can use as often as you desire, it requires little effort and lots of baking soda.

Simply dust some baking soda on the surface use a damp cloth or sponge and buff away. Once it has had enough time to sit, the mixture should work fine.

Precious Metals

If you want to keep your precious metals looking shiny and brand new with little to no effort use toothpaste. That’s right, toothpaste! The chemicals in toothpaste not only keep our smiles bright and beautiful; it polishes and shines jewelry and such like.

Just add the paste to a cloth polish and rinse. It is amazing what this pouch of toothpaste can do for you.