10 Toxic Foods You Could Be Unknowingly Consuming


#7 Most Packaged Snacks

Snacks like potato chips and corned curls are bad for you and are full of toxins. It is usually said that anything that doesn’t grow on a tree is bad for you. The issue is that the foods mentioned here have left their original state to become a more fake food of themselves.

#6 Most Fruits

Many of the fruits bought in the supermarkets have become tainted with many pesticides. The fruit of itself is great for human consumption but pesticides have made that a very dangerous thing to do. Growing your own fruits would be a much better option.

#5 Most Leafy Greens

Most leafy greens face the same dilemma as the fruits we consume. Due to the many insects that attack greens like lettuce, they are protected by lacing them with pesticides. These chemicals kill as they are unnatural and not for human consumption. The best thing anyone can do is try to grow their own fleafy greens if possible.

#4 Bottled Water

Water is great for the body, unfortunately, the way it is consumed by most of us is harmful. Plastic bottles are bad for storing water as the harmful chemical BPA is found in plastic bottles. It is better to use glass bottles to store liquids but unfortunately using plastic bottles is cheaper and easier, but harmful.

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