10 Toxic Foods You Could Be Unknowingly Consuming

#3 Pork

Pork may is a type of meat many people love because of its taste but is loaded with toxins. It is said the pig doesn’t sweat and digest it food quickly. These two attributes along with the fact it eats pretty much anything make it a walking toxin.

#2 Non Organic Chicken

The safest foods to eat are definitely the ones you grow or raise. However, to do so requires the knowledge necessary to have healthy produce. Chicken raised on large scales for consumption are very bad for you. The main issue is what the chickens are being fed to make them grow really quickly and it is known to cause humans to build up resistance to antibiotics. The chicken themselves are filled with these antibiotics to protect them against diseases.

#1 Brown Rice

Surprisingly brown rice is really terrible for consumption. Yet again it is how the product is grown and maintained. What should be a healthy alternative from white rice is a possible danger to your health. I was amazed to learn this as I have always heard that brown rice is better than white rice which has been washed out.

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