15 Places That Will Pay You To Live There


#4 Grant County, Indiana

Pack up for Grant County, Indiana, and claim $5,000 toward buying a home. This may not seem like much but if you play your cards right and you plan well, this could be the start of a new life in someplace different. Your advantage is an additional $,5000, all you need now is a plan and any additional funds to bring that plan to completion.

#3 North Platte, Nebraska

Live in North Platte, Nebraska and the chamber of commerce will hold a ceremony in your honor. During that ceremony, they present a big check to you. That big check is a start for your new life there, what a deal to receive money, and be honored for moving to their location. Sounds like a deal to me.

#2 Marne, Iowa

Marne, Iowa will give a free parcel of land to people who move there. It may not be quite the deal you were looking for, but it still has lots of potentials. You can build your own home and you can start small, many people are building and living in tiny homes and enjoy what that lifestyle.

#1 New Richland, Minnesota

If you build a home within a year of receiving the land’s deed, your new property in New Richland’s Home-stake subdivision will be 100 percent free of charge. This is an amazing opportunity to start over, especially if you wanted to relocate or found yourself in hard times.

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