15 Places That Will Pay You To Live There


#8 Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan makes this list but unfortunately its not for everyone. Sadly to qualify for the $20,000 tuition rebate being offered, you need to be a Canadian post-secondary graduate. The province has a Graduate Retention Program that also includes filing your income tax in that province, so this you need to be aware of if you qualify and want to take advantage of their offer.

#7 Candela, Italy

Candela is a beautiful Italian town in the southeast of the country with a population of about 2700 persons. If you can get a job in Italy you can make Candela your home and be paid 8000 euros for one person or 2000 euros for a family. Doesn’t seem quite as inviting as one may like, the catch here is to have younger people in the community.

#6 Vermont

Vermont is a great place to live, its beautiful with the type of foliage you would enjoy in autumn. Even more encouraging is its worker’s program that will pay you to live there and work anywhere outside of the state. The Remote Worker Grant Program started by paying $10,000 to 100 people in 2019 and once that number was set would pay 20 persons yearly to move there.

#5 Hamilton, Ohio

Relocate to Hamilton, Ohio and the city promises $5,000 to help pay student loans, that is if you have someone who is still in school obviously. This seems like a great deal for anyone who is in college and needs to get away to a new spot, the money will certainly help as student loans can seem like a big dark cloud over one’s head.

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