15 Places That Will Pay You To Live There


#12 Curtis, Nebraska

The small town of Curtis is located in southern Nebraska and has a population of 1,000 people. The town will allow you to have land for free if you can complete the building of your house within a specific time period. Nebraska College of Technical Architecture is located in the district of Curtis.

#11 Albinen, Switzerland

The beautiful mountainous village of Albinen is offering Swiss francs of 10,000 for every child and 20,000 for every adult to live there. However, the catch is a bit difficult for everyone to qualify as it requires a few things. You have to be under 45 years of age, must have a permit to live there, and you need to be able to invest 200,000 Swiss francs into a property for at least 10 years.

#10 Harmony, Minnesota

Harmony is located in southern Minnesota is home to about 1,000 individuals. It has a large Amish community so you are sure to see a few horses and buggies moving along. If you want to move to this location there is a cash rebate of $5,000 to $12,000 if you build a house there and make Harmony your new home.

#9 Pipestone, Manitoba

Pipestone is a beautiful area in Manitoba, Canada. The population is small, but with big plans to help increase financial growth. Pipestone is offering $32,000 to start a business there and a grant to build a home. The catch for the property is a deposit of $1,000 which allows you to buy a plot of land for $10.

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