Cleaning Your Dishwasher

After cleaning every dish in your home, your dish washer may need cleaning as well. You may ask how does one clean a dish washer, you would be surprised to learn that it does not clean itself.

Run two cycles because this appliance is pretty dirty, your first cycle should be with vinegar and the second with baking soda for a thorough clean.

Spotless Blinds

Some may argue that socks are for your feet, however, for this task they are best suited for your hands. The slats of blinds prove to be difficult to clean with an ordinary duster as stuff is left behind.

Use an ordinary sock soaked in vinegar and water to wipe each slat individually. It will save you time even though it may sound tedious.

Cool Glass Hack

Cleaning up broken glass can be a tedious task; we try extremely hard to find every shard of glass to be safe. The solution is in almost every household pantry, a simple slice of bread.

Bread is spongy and soft which is perfect for absorbing the shards. Simply press the soft bread on the floor and dispose after you are finished.

Scent Booster

Citrus fruits are known for their disinfecting and odor neutralizing properties and are great for your garbage disposal. If you can smell your garbage disposal when you walk into your kitchen it is probably time to get it cleaned. F

or a quick fix, run your disposal and feed an orange, lemon or grapefruit inside, the citrus will disinfect and deodorize. At least the scent will be refreshing the next time you use your garbage disposal.

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