15 Safest American States To Live In


#4: New Jersey

New Jersy has seen a big drop in violent crime in that state allowing it to make the top 5. It, however, like all other states faces safety challenges due to OVID-19, but since the entire country faces this issue the ranking isn’t affected in any way. Some places in New Jersey recorded 12 violent cases for an entire year. Some surveys even rank this state at number 3 for safety.

#3: Vermont

Vermont lost its way a bit on being the safest state in the United States of America but still ranks well in 3rd place. It is known for being a very safe place to live even despite the effects of COVID-19. The state has an average of 2 per 1000 for violent crimes, which is half the national average. Its property crime stats are way lower than the national average as well.
#2: Maine

Maine has moved up a few spots after being at number 5 for a while now, this state has also beaten out Vermont to take the second spot on this list. Apart from a low crime rate, you will notice that Maine isn’t big on COVID-19 numbers like some of the other states. The stats say Maine ranks best of violent crime and a reasonable property crime rate number.
#1: New Hampshire

The most recent survey places New Hampshire as the safest state to live in toppling Vermont off the top position. Here is why New Hampshire is considered the safest state to live in. It has the 3rd lowest crime rate and the lowest property crime rate in the country. These two combinations make it the safest state to live in, noting its also low on the COVID-19 scale of things.

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