#8 Nordstrom

Nordstrom’s return policy is a shadow of what it used to be, but the customer is usually to blame. Nordstrom requires no time limit for exchanges and you can return items without a receipt. The downside to not having a receipt is based on what Nordstrom can find in their system for your purchase. If Nordstrom is unable to find any history for you, they will give you a gift card based on the current sales price.

#7 Athleta

Athleta has a Give-It-a-Workout Guarantee policy that will allow you to return any item that has even been worn to their store. Furthermore they will pay for all shipping costs so you can return it and receive an exchange. For anyone who may be unaware, Athleta is a division of Gap that specializes in workout gear for women.

#6 Zappos

Zappos return policy will honor any return once the shoes haven’t been worn. They will also pay for the cost to return the shoes to them, just be sure to do it within one year of purchase. If you try them on and they don’t fit, place them back in the original packaging and return. If you wear them then the return becomes invalid and will not be honored.

#5 Costco

Costco has a very good return policy as they promised a full refund on any product. You must however return some items within a specific time period. Some items must be returned within 90 days of purchase to qualify, this mostly refers to certain types of electronics. Items like diamonds of a certain value ane items which have a lifespan of a lifetime carry a special return policy term.

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