#12 Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s return policy is decent, in many cases you have up to one year to return an item. If you don’t have a receipt the store will do a history search and if noting is found you will get the lowest price from the last 180 days. Matresses can be returned under a 5 year period and will be subject to a deduction. Any furniture returned will require the customer to pay the freight along with other restrictions on some items.

#11 Kohl’s

Kohl’s return policy is pretty decent compared to some of the others you have seen prior. Any item will be accepted even without a receipt. When it comes to exceptions they won’t take back any gift cards. No electronics that are considered premium can be returned after 30 days, but must also be in original packaging with a valid receipt. If you don’t have a valid receipt an account look up will be done.

#10 Macy’s

Macy’s return policy is reasonable over all for what it allows. According to reports, Macy’s changed their return policy a bit after it was being abused by customers. Despite the changes, its policy is still better than most. You can make a return within 180 days with a few exceptions. Apple products have 14 days while some other products are loisted at 30 days, so be sure to check those terms. Anyone who doesn’t have a receipt to return an item will get a refund for store credit based on cost of item at lowest selling point in the last 180 days.

#9 L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean was known for having one of the best return policies on the planet. It has made a few changes due to abuse by persons seeking returns or refunds. L.L. Bean will not take back any item that doesn’t have a tag, has been soiled, contaminated or was destroyed via natural disaster. They will accept any item that the customer isn’t satisfied with based on requirements.

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