#8 Corner Bakery

You can choose from a free sweet pastry during your birthday month. Once you sign up for their email list you have just become eligible for the birthday meal. However, if you signup for the Corner Bakery eCafe, you will also get a coupon for a free meal so its double the pleasure.
#7 Lone Star Steakhouse

They email you a coupon for a free appetizer for your birthday. The coupon is good for about two weeks. So you would have to contact them with your email address and proof of birth date. You have to join their Lone Star Steakhouse E Club to be eligible for their promotion.
#6 A&W

A&W will give you a free root beer float on your birthday. There is one requirement, you must go to their website and sign up for the opportunity they offer. Another thing that is awesome is the coupon is valid for the entire month of your birthday so if you can’t make it then just go before the month is over.

#5 Famous Dave’s

Getting some free barbecue for your birthday varies by location so be sure to get the information you need first. Sign up at their website and you are good to go. Just be sure to see which locations offer the free barbecue, in the event, you may have to go a bit further to receive yours.

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