#8 Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus oil can help with the sniffles that come from congestion and mucus related illnesses. However, the oil must be used sparingly as it is very strong, you are advised to use one to two drops only at any given time. It can help with headaches and mental clarity. Eucalyptus is best used with a vaporizer or with a cloth containing one to two drops.

#7 Bergamot

Bergamot oil is very good for controlling stress hormones in women according to one study. Inhaling the oil also helped individuals to feel more at ease and be more positive in their outlook. This meant that bergamot also has the ability to improve a person’s mood. For maximum benefit place a few drops in a humidifier or its equivalent.

#6 Lemongrass

Lemongrass oil can aid a person to stop worrying and become less stressed or anxious, symptoms associated with worry. Tests have proven that persons under duress become more at ease after inhaling lemongrass. It is also very good for keeping insects away from your home. Use a humidifier to allow it to full your home for inhalation and as an insect treatment.

#5 Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang oil is great for fighting inflammation in the body that can cause unnecessary pain and immobility. It helps with lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, making it easier for you to relax. For inflammation use with a carrier oil on the skin and to relax use with an humidifier.

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