15 Worst Frozen Foods To Eat


#4: Frozen Burgers

Frozen burgers are no different from nuggets, french fries, or any of the other foods you should avoid. There are packed with fats and cholesterol which are guaranteed to kill you eventually. Opt for a veggie burger instead, preferably beans, etc.

#3: Frozen Macaroni and Cheese

Loaded with fat, calories, and preservatives, frozen mac and cheese is not the right thing to grab and go for a quick fix. Most of the products mentioned here have additives to protect flavor, color, and freshness, but those same additives are slow killers. Better to use real cheese and make that delicious mac and cheese, yet if you can avoid cheese the better.

#2: Low-Calorie Frozen Prepared Entrees

Many frozen low calories ready to use entrees are best left on the shelf and not picked up and thrown in our microwave. It seems fast and convenient but later on down the road they create way more inconvenience and contain lots of super sweet sauces and sodium. Opt for frozen plain vegetables and add your own sauces that you can make if you know how, if you don’t YouTube and Google are your friends.

#1: Frozen Smoothie Packs

I love smoothies and the easiest thing to do is buy ready frozen fruits from the supermarket, right? Well, wrong those are convenient, something we all love but they are packed With lots of sugar. We love sugar but its really not our friend. Try natural fruit instead, freeze the day before use.

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