15 Best Foods To Eat Before Bedtime


#10 Lettuce

Lettuce is another great food that aids with sleep and I am sure those who love this leafy vegetable will be happy to know this. Just one more reason to have it as part of a snack before bedtime. Using it with another light snack or meal will certainly do wonders.

#11 Pretzels

Pretzels may help you sleep but its because of the high glycemic index level. This means that any food that raises your blood sugar would help you sleep, not necessarily the best option, but if balanced can work fine. Only eat a few if you must.

#12 Certain Fish Types

Fish like tuna and salmon can help you get a good night’s rest due to the high levels of Vitamin B6 found in these fish. For an additional health boost you can add raw grated garlic to your fish, this will make a potent meal that induces sleep.

#13 Jasmine Rice

Rice is another food that has a high glycemic index level so it will make you sleep naturally. However, if you add jasmine to the mix the chances of falling asleep quicker will increase dramatically. So whether its plain rice or jasmine rice you will have a good night’s rest.

#14 Chamomile Tea

Tea lovers here is some good news for you as there is a tea you can drink before bedtime that will help you sleep. Chamomile is known to help induce sleep naturally because of the properties it contains, so the next time you want tea, remember chamomile will help you get a good night’s rest.

#15 Honey

If you have a sweet tooth then this may help you get a good night’s rest. Honey has the ability to induce sleep it’s sweet but it is also medicinal in value and combined these two factors will help you sleep well at night. You don’t nee much just one tablespoon is sufficient to do the job or simply add it to your chamomile tea.

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