#3 Camden, Maine

Camden Winterfest, which offers plenty of winter activities like ice carvings, a snow-plow parade, and the legendary U.S. National Toboggan Championships. After one look at the picture above, I am sure you can already see yourself spending some time there. Many people love that small coy town feeling especially during the winter months.

#2 Stockbridge, Massachusetts

During Main Street at Christmas, they even recreate one of his paintings, as well as offer holiday activities, concerts, festive lights, and more. Stockbridge seems like the type of destination that anyone would visit during the winter to get that small town feeling that is cozy and memorable.
#1 Lanesboro, Minnesota

Hike along the Root River Trail System or you can enjoy dining, shopping in century-old brick storefronts, as well as bed-and-breakfasts in historic Victorian homes. I am sure that anyone who visits this location will find their time there pleasant and will want to visit again. It definitely has the charm of a winter small town.

These in my humble opinion are some of the best towns you can visit during the winter months. The season is long so if you haven’t made your plans already, you still have time at the writing of this article. If you missed out you can always plan for the next year.

These places are cozy and welcoming despite all the snow on the ground and in the trees. I suppose that is what makes it special as everyone has their own way of enjoying that time of the year. It is cold but many love it, so why not enjoy it in a place as sweet as these small towns above.

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