Boost Zinc

Thyroid health can be deadly so it is important to manage it carefully. One of the best ways to keep the thyroid in optimum condition is zinc. Zinc is found in proteins like chicken, fish and even Greek yogurt. Maintain a balanced diet which incorporates yogurt and lean meats to meet weight expectations.

Schedule Meal Time

Scheduling meal times and fasting period can play a major role in weight management. Dietitian Liz Wyonick says that the period between meals the body uses energy from fat stores hence the importance for a schedule. Wyonick recommends that you eat four meals during a 12-hour day. This includes main meals and snacks.

Work Out In The Morning

Did you know there was a perfect time to work out that promotes fat burning? Research suggests that you can burn up to 20% more fat when exercising in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps to maintain a steady diet as well, I personally find mornings better for working out as well, leaving me with more time during the rest of the day for other things.

Move Spontaneously

If you work at a desk and you sit all day this will make fat burning difficult. Get up and move because the more you move the more far will burn. Dietitian Wyosnick said that low to moderate intensity activities burn fat stores for energy. Simple things like cleaning, taking the stairs and playing with kids are great ways to start.