15 Things Every Home Owner Should Regularly


#8 Check Your Attic For Leaks

Many houses have attics for extra living space or storage and if you happen to be one of those who do, this tip might help. It is wise to check your attic for leaks especially when heavy showers are present to see if there is a need to fix any possible leaks preventing water damage in the future.

#9 Inspect Your HVAC Filters For Build Up

The H-Vac filters on your house purify the air by keeping dust out. After prolonged use, it will become dirty and this is increased dramatically by shrubs and other debris clogging them up. Since this could become both a health and financial issue if unattended its best to check regularly.

#10 Keep Snow Away From Vents, Pipes, and Meters

During the winter season, there is plenty of snowfall in many areas. One of the biggest issues a homeowner could face at this time of year is the build-up of snow around meters, pipes, and vents. These should be kept clear as often as possible. Once the snow has stopped falling these should be cleared, the sooner the better. Pipes freeze restricting water flow, vents clog restricting proper ventilation and meters can malfunction giving errors.

#11 Check Plug Outlets

Electricity is a very dangerous thing, it can cause housefires and cam kill you if electrocuted. These reasons are enough alone for any homeowner to take precautions. A regular check should be made by looking at outlets for any discoloring or signs of irregularity, especially regularly used outlets.

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