15 Things Every Home Owner Should Regularly


#4 Clean And Organize Your Refrigerator

Remove all old food and clean all shelves. Get rid of all the clutter in the fridge. Old food can become your worst nightmare if left in the fridge unattended for a long time. Despite its temperature, food in the fridge could become hazardous to your health if not removed at the appointed time.

#5 Clear Or Trim Shrubs From Around AC Units

Clearing shrubs keeps the unit working well by being ventilated. It keeps the unit in good working order and avoids damages. Your surroundings will also need your attention so find time to keep it clean and tidy. A well-working HVAC is a great asset to any home, reducing any need to see a doctor unnecessarily.

#6 Lubricate Your Garage Doors

Keeping rollers, chains and pulleys well lubricated protects your garage door’s moving parts and helps it work smooth. Doing this can prevent a haphazard and cause you or your loved ones harm or even death. It would be atragedy if a freakmaccident took the life of a loved one when you could have done what was important.

#7 Inspect Your Garage Door Safety Shutoff Switch

This is very important as it could save you or your loved ones from injury. There is also the risk of the door not closing when you leave home, putting security at risk. Anything that you can do as a preventative measure please do. Anything that moves could become a hazard and the garage is one of those places, great care should be taken.