St. Nicholas Abbey And Train Ride

St. Nicholas Abbey is one of the most popular tourists attractions in Barbados. The history that relates to its existence has its roots in Barbadian and American heritage. If you had to visit the official website for this establishment you will see information on the 350 years surrounding its existence. The property is currently owned by the Warren family and has one of the most beautiful Jacobean type architecture, which was named after King James 1 of England.

St. Nicholas Abbey is located in the lush hills of Cherry Tree Hill in St. Peter. The estate is used for various events as it has a large area that can be used for weddings and other activities. You will find many other things to do there besides lounging around as there is much to see inside and outdoors. The estate is full of lush vegetation of gardens and trees.

The area has also taken on anew responsibility that has created quite a buzz in Barbados. St. Nicholas Abbey now has the only operating train and train track in the island. For a fee you can take a ride around the estate and enjoy the lovely countryside. The ride lasts about 45 minutes and you are sure to see many breathtaking views and be among those who have ridden a train in Barbados.

The attraction has been a great addition to the great house property and it is very easy to acquire your ticket by visiting their site online and purchasing. The site has all the information you may need to know leading up to your visit. They also offer a variety of special during the year, these specials are mostly catered to walk-ins and not those who purchase online.

This combination of train ride and great house tour make St. Nicholas Abbey one of the top attractions on the island.