Sheraton Mall is one of the oldest and most popular malls to shop in Barbados. It has developed as a place where people of all age groups come to shop or just to relax for a bit. What has made this place such a popular spot is the cinema, food court and the type of shops on the compound. During the Christmas period it is very difficult to find a parking spot at times. The place is just that popular of a spot to lime and mingle.

Sheraton is also generally a safe place as it has a large contingent of security officers who patrol its premises. There is the main building with some adjacent buildings on the North and East side/ There is also extra parking in a building built just for vehicles, a 3 story parking space.

The environment in Sheraton is very nice and you can spend a few hours there depending on what you are there to do. You can get almost everything you might need there, as the mall caters for a wide variety of needs.