Popular Discounts supermarkets are among the most visited supermarkets on the island. This is mostly due to the prices that this supermarket chain offers. Looking back to the days when this establishment first appeared in Barbados it has come a long way.

Popular Discounts is known for somewhere you can go and stretch your dollar. The shelves are usually well stocked and the variety offered is huge, you can get a vast amount of vegetables, fruits, meats and other goods and household items. Ever so often you can expect to find some new brand hitting the shelves as the company tries to expand its selling base.

The first location was in Bridgetown and Popular Discounts soon increased its presence by opening a branch in Spooners Hill, St. Michael. The company’s biggest achievement was its newest location in Kendall Hill. This new supermarket took its shopping experience to another level by having additional shops in the same building. There is a massive car park to accommodate the thousands of people that walk through their doors every month. Upstairs you can find a place to eat, buy household items, pay bills and buy electronics.

The experience at Popular Discounts is a very good one, the staff is very friendly and there is security all around the compound. Those who are differently able have a place selected for them so everyone is catered for when looking for a parking space.

If you are on a budget and want your money to stretch a long way, then visit a Popular Discount supermarket, you are guaranteed to get more for your money. At times you will be able to get some items at a even greater discount once those items expired date gets close. This serves to work well for the business and patrons alike as the items are quickly sold before the expiration date at a reduced price.