9 Best Places To Visit During The Winter Season

Now that winter is here a trip might just be what you need to unwind and relax. If you feel like escaping the snow for a while then there are many options to explore. I have selected a few of the best places you can visit right now to enjoy the sun and the beaches. Relax and feel at ease with these great places of travel and most of all, have a grand time.

#9 Barbados

Enjoy this beautiful Caribbean Island.White sandy beaches and lots of fun activities.

#8 Cape Town

South Africa
Warm days and long cool nights.

#7 Hawaii

Enjoy warm temperatures and see magnificent volcanic formations and living volcanoes.

#6 St.Lucia

If you love adventure, this is the place, hiking and the national park should top the list.

#5 Kenya

Both safari animals and coastal beaches are a hit here.

#4 Gold Coast

This place is full of life, surfers love it and the adventurous soul as well.

#3 Rio

Traveling during January is better, with cheaper stay and milder temperatures.

#2 Dominican Republic

The Caribbean
Your options for enjoyment seem endless with many resorts, spas and water activities.

#1 Zanzibar

Play with dolphins among crystal clear waters that are warm and inviting.