8 American Road Trips That Are Amazing

America is a very beautiful place and has some awesome scenic roads from North to South and East to West. Taking a trip with loved ones or by yourself on any or many of these routes have been the pass-time of many. With fall here, this a great opportunity to hit the roads once again. Get out there and fill your days with enjoyment and memories.

#8 US Route 6 in Pennsylvania

Length 403 miles.
Travel Route 6 along many of Pennsylvania’s lush forests, mountains, and other attractions. This is a popular attraction and a well-known road to travel especially if you are a road trip lover.

#7 Utah State Route 12

Length 122 miles.
Travel from Utah, through Las Vegas, California, Arizona then passes where 4 States meet, onto Colorado, the road takes you back to Utah. See the beautiful mountains and other scenery on your trip.

#6 Overseas Highway, Miami to Key West, Florida

Length 113 miles.
Travel over many bridges across the sea to the many Islands of the Key West. The scenery is amazing and is worth every mile, enjoy it all the way.

#5 Pacific Coast Highway, San Luis Obispo To Monterey, California

Length 142 miles.
Like it says, this trip follows the coastline of the western part of the Country. Traveling along the coastline offers a fresh breeze and beautiful scenery es[ecially if you love the water.

#4 Hill Country Hideaways, Texas

Length 189 miles.
Drive around the Texas countryside. Are you prepared for the distance, you should if you want to be able to enjoy the best of Texas.

#3 Columbia River Scenic Highway, Oregon

Length 75 miles.
Travel along the Columbia River in Oregon. I am sure you will enjoy the scenery along the way you have to try this trip.

#2 Route 66, Illinois To California

Length 1139 miles.
Travel from Illinois and pass through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and finish in California. You have to travel this way it’s an awesome experience, not much beats a sweet road trip.

#1 Great River Road, Minnesota To Louisiana

Length 1065 miles.
Great River Road Minnesota to Louisiana This long journey stretches along the Mississippi River. I am certain if you take this trip you will not regret it, after seeing such beauty that it is hard to match anywhere else in the world.