5 Tips That Could Protect You From The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus currently has the world on edge as the illness continues to spread to new places on a daily basis. It has become such a worry that it has been labeled a pandemic. The illness has affected tens of thousands and killed thousands worldwide. Everyday news on the extent of the virus seems to be getting worse and the problem has created financial turmoil for China and the stock market. It is important to know how you can protect yourself from being infected, I hope that these few tips will prove a lifesaver as they could be the difference between life or death.

1. Habitual Hygiene

It is important that you develop habitual hygiene habits if you haven’t done so already. The virus can spread easily through transport of touch. It is therefore important that you avoid touching your face and body as much as humanly possible unless you have sanitized your hands prior. You are encouraged to have alcohol based gels on hand or antibacterial gels and liquids. Whenever you touch anything sanitize your hands.

2. Be Wary Of What You Handle

You should avoid touching door knobs, pipe knobs, shaking hands or anything that puts you in contact with surfaces that could contaminated. If you do have to touch things like toilet bowl handles and railings on public transport vehicles, then make sure you sanitize your hands. However many Governments encourage their citizens to stay indoors as it is difficult to travel without touching objects and you might not always remember to sanitize.

3. Avoid Crowds

The illness is easily caught by others because of its make up. Crowds are one of the fastest ways for the virus to spread. Since the symptoms are flu like, it is easily spread through the air or by touching surfaces. Person sneeze which spreads it like wild fire, they also touch surfaces with their hands after spreading it to their hands so crowds are dangerous. Traveling on public transportation and going to events where there are crowds should be avoided.

4. Cover Up

You may notice that those who deal with patients that have contracted the disease are fully clothed as that’s the surest way to protect yourself. Though you may not be able to cover up yourself to that degree, there are some ways you can protect yourself. One of the most common ways is to have a mask on your face. You need a special mask however as some masks will not keep the virus out. You need a mask that is specially designed to keep out all molecules, simple everyday masks won’t work for this.

5. Strengthen Your Immune System

Earlier it was mentioned that tens of thousands of people have contracted the coronavirus but only a couple thousand people have died. The main reason is that some people have weak immune systems and the virus is able to easily over power their bodies and they die eventually. The stronger your immune system, the better. Some ways to build up your immune system is to avoid foods high in acid and stick to a more alkaline diet. Use plenty of vitamin C and other natural foods that can strengthen your immunity.